The Easiest Cow Elk Call Ever?

Posted by Dirk Durham on July 14, 2022

You may have heard the buzz about Phelps Game Calls news member to their lineup, The EZ SUK’R.

We created this call with our customers in mind, who continue to struggle with elk diaphragms. Whether you gag, tickle or have a narrow pallet, the EZ SUK’R is the fix for those who want better quality sounds and ease of operation. 

We start with a hard plastic internal frame that we refer to as the cassette. The cassette houses an Amp frame outfitted with blue latex. The Cassette is placed inside a lime green silicone housing that has a fake tongue and sound chamber within. 

To activate the call, you place your lower or upper teeth (turn the call upside down) in the teeth grove, bite down and inhale air into your lungs. Once the high pitch of a cow call hits, gently release your bite by dropping your jaw. Be sure to keep a seal with your lips. It's really that easy!   

This call can be used hands free, or for more depth in calling variations you can cup your hands around the call experimenting with various pressure from the inhaled air and teeth.  

Why is hands free calling so important? If you can operate a hands free call, it will allow you the freedom to execute a shot with your favorite hunting weapon. Checkout the video showing how easy the EZ SUK’R is to use below. 

Click Here for a complete tutorial on how to use the EZ SUK’R