Why the Pitch Black Series 3 Pack?

Posted by Dirk Durham on August 29th, 2021

We offer a wide variety of diaphragms here at Phelps. A couple years ago we introduced the Pitch Black series of calls which have grown in popularity. Why is this 3 pack so different than other 3 packs of calls? 

The PB (Pitch Black) series is built on a semi-heavy black latex. This latex is then stretched to 3 different respective tensions. 

Pitch Black #1 is a light stretch that allows the call to make beautiful mature cow calls and nice mid-tone bugles. 

Pitch Black #2 is a medium stretch which lends itself to stronger cow and calf calls, and a full note spectrum of bugles.

Pitch Black #3 is a TIGHT stretch that allows the caller to hit the highest of high notes for loud locator bugles and crushing challenge bugles. If you find that you struggle hitting that high note, the PB#3 is here to help! 

We offer these great calls in singles as well in case your find one that works perfectly for your calling style. See the Pitch Black Series in the link below! 

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