Posted by Dirk Durham on May 10, 2022

I do a variety of hunts every year. Whether it's spring turkeys and bears, or November whitetails my Fawn/Jack call is riding shotgun in my bino harness. 

While turkey hunting I'm definitely not targeting predators, but several times over the years I've had predators target me. While set up calling turkeys, coyotes have snuck in looking for an easy meal. Many times out of range, but with some coaxing from a quiet fawn in distress, those wiley little dogs are in my lap. I've done the same while hunting deer and elk after spotting a coyote, hunting in the distance. After I hide with my gun or bow at the ready, I start hitting the jackrabbit call. It's awesome to see them commit and come running in! In fact my friend Tom Schneider (from Stuck In The Rut YouTube channel) loves a rabbit in distress among other predator calls, to fool wolves into range.  

Let's say you have a bear bait with several bears hitting it, but you hate sitting in a treestand. Hitting that fawn in distress a distance away, down wind from the bait can pay off bigtime. I also like it for spot and stalk bear hunting as sometimes bears move into the brush by the time you've closed the gap and you can't find them. Hitting that fawn call, especially in late May and early June can be just enough to get them to come out in the open for a good shot.  

I think the Fawn/Jack predator call is one for all seasons, and I wont leave home without it. 

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