Phelps External Cow Calls explained

Posted by Dirk Durham on December 14th, 2021

Phelps Game Calls offers 4 different external cow call versions. All 4 have different sounds and are offered in different color schemes and materials. 


Listening to feedback from countless hunters who struggle with normal diaphragm use, we put into action a plan of building a better cow call. The EZ SUK'R features a lime green silicone housing that holds a plastic frame. The plastic frame or cassette hold a latex reed in place while the silicone tongue applies pressure to the reed. By utilizing this design, there's no more gag reflex or tickle from the call. Folks with dentures to little kids can operate this call with ease. 


The E-Z-Estrus is a full size external cow call. We offer it in 7 different versions. Made from laminated wood, acrylic, or delrin, you will find one that not only appeals to you eye, but to your ears as well. It's sound attributes are robust and the best way I can describe the E-Z-Estrus is having a "smooth and rich" tone. You can make deep and nasal mature cow sounds, to quiet calf chirps. 


The Mini-X is basically a scaled down version of the E-Z-Estrus. Though in size it may be small, the sounds can be big. We offer 3 models made from laminated wood or delrin. The sound profile is a little lst smooth and a little more raspy. The tone board (where you place your lips) is quite a but smaller than the E-Z-E, which most callers will find easier to control of the call. You can get super quiet for calf calls, or ramp it up for estrus cow calls.


For years, successful elk hunters have used calf calls to coax in amorous bulls, or curious cows with a bull in tow. This call was specifically designed for that one purpose- delicate calf calls. This call is not one for locating a bull across a canyon, but more of a close range call. Less is more when blowing this call. The soft and sweet calf vocalizations is capable of, is second to none. 

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