Deer Calls are Here

The Whitetail Line

Since Phelps Game Calls inception, we have strived to produce professional grade calls that are available to every hunter. Our new line of deer calls are no different. Built in America, we have a call for every deer hunter that’s headed to the woods. Being impervious to the elements and an excellent conduit of quality sound, we use acrylic to house the voices of our deer calls. Specialized internal reed packages deliver outstanding deer vocalizations!

Buck Vocalizations

Beta Pro

Grunt Tube

Authentic Buck Vocalizations

Ideal for creating a wide range of genuine buck vocalizations throughout the season to draw in young to mature bucks.

Alpha Pro

Grunt Tube

Dominant Buck Vocalizations

Ideal for producing aggressive tending grunts and roars from the immediate pre-rut to the end of the breeding phase.



Variable Buck Vocalizations

Ideal for producing season-long immature sounding contact grunts and drawing dominant deer from a group of bucks.

Doe & Fawn Vocalizations


Doe Bleat

Doe Vocalizations

Ideal for producing doe bleats to call in both does and bucks when targeting rutting bucks or when using a decoy setup.


In Distress

Fawn Vocalizations

Ideal for producing short, high-pitched bleats and distressed fawn sounds for calling in concerned does or curious bucks.

It's in the Details

Premium Materials & Construction

We built these calls out of acrylic, including the internals. Every machined component is then assembled in Washington state at the Phelps headquarters.

Weighted, Freeze-Free Custom Reed

The custom mylar reed and custom tone board are representative of the highest levels of call design. A rivet was added to the reed to maintain momentum while calling and reducing opportunities for the reed to freeze mid-call.

Custom Bellow Tube

The custom bellow tube isn't some cookie cutter component, rather a hand selected tube that has gone through extensive testing. This level of detail ensures the user's ability to articulate many tones.